Bromo Milky Way Tour Package Discuss to the beauty of Mount Bromo as if there was never end. Do not know the season, both in the rainy or dry season will not minimize the beauty of Mount Bromo by taking Bromo Tour Package. Early in the day with a sense of sleepiness plus cold also visitors must be willing to wake up to hunt for the beauty of the rising sun. When the sun starts out, proceed to the crater location of Mount Bromo, which at this time is not infrequently active in producing sulfur fumes. To achieve this visitors must walk or rent a horse as far as 1 km, not to mention climbing 250 stairs to get to the top of Bromo. There is also local wisdom of the tenggerese tribe that cannot be separated from Pura Luhur Poten, a location for worshiping God or a tengger tribal ceremony, both for religious celebrations or traditional ceremonies like Yadya Kasada ceremonies or kasodo people’s feasts.

To the east there is a stretch of caldera or sea of ​​sand which is popularly called whispering sand, a very aesthetic location under the Wisata Wisata b29 Argosari Lumajang and hill b30. In the southern elements of Mount Bromo, there are also rare tourist sites in Indonesia, namely small mountains with wide green grass that will refresh the mind and throw all the boredom during daily activities.

Milky way is an astronomical beauty that can only be found at night. A mist like a milk path or visible like clouds or discs originating from clusters of stars around the earth is called the milky way or the Milky Way galaxy

  • Bromo Milky Way Tour Package

Our Bromo tour package as a travel agent and tour agent trusted and veteran invites us to feel the beauty of Bromo Milky Way, where we have spots to hunt for milky ways which are rarely known by people in general. In 2012 we started to tour the Milky Way Bromo tour package, so don’t worry, we will be able to make your Milky Way tour in Bromo well.

  • Price of Bromo Milky Way Tour Package

Please contact us, we are ready to arrange the best for your photography tour in Mount Bromo, in addition we will take you to the Mount Bromo Milky Way tour, you will also take hunting photography Bromo which is very popular with those who like photography. Considering the price of the Mount Bromo Milky Way tour package depends on how many nights you want, the accommodation accommodation study room, the total number of tour participants and your tour period.

  • The Advantages of Photo Shoot When Bromo Milky Way

Bromo milky way tour, is a night tour on Mount Bromo to witness the beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy. what are the advantages of the bromo milky way compared to the milky way from other locations? this is where the superiority of Mount Bromo, with the location and place in the mountains the best height for hunting milky way, in addition to the dark conditions at night in Bromo will increase the plus value because it is far from the effects of city lights that can interfere with the perfection of milky way. If you visit Bromo in May – September the fog or clouds blocking the view to the milky way are rare because in those months the wind speed is quite high. And, in addition to getting a miky way, you can see the many potential beauty locations and attractions of Mount Bromo and its surroundings.

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