These 5 Best Surfing Spots You Must Try in Lombok

For you who are confused what to do in Lombok while on vacation, you have to try surfing with beautiful beaches and big waves. surfing can be one of the fun activities for you beach lovers. One of the very popular sea destinations in Indonesia, Lombok, has many waterfronts which certainly want to spoil surfers. Curious what are the best beaches in Lombok that can be used as a destination for extreme sports lovers? These are the five best beaches for surfing or surfing in Lombok.

  1. Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach is included in this list because of its very easy access. You only need to walk about 100 meters from the parking lot to surf. The type of waves here is beach break. Its location is sheltered in a bay making the waves suitable for beginner surfers.

Even if you are waiting for surfing, you can enjoy the white sand and clear water. In fact, if you are lucky you can see buffaloes walking along the beach. Tired of surfing you can rent a bean bag while waiting for the sun to set. He said, here is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy sunset in Lombok.

  1. Gerupuk Beach

Crackers are the initial destination that you deserve to visit. Here, the type of flow that you can meet is reef break. To reach it, you can use the boat service provided by the local community. The fare is near Rp150. 000 for 3 people. The ship captain can wait for you on the boat or even surf with you.

  1. Ekas Beach

Ekas is located in the southeast of Lombok. The best time to enjoy surfing in Lombok is from April to November. However, overall the waves here are stable so they can be used for surfing throughout the year. The Ekas area is suitable for beginner or intermediate surfers. On the right side the waves are taller and have typical fast breaking waves. While the outer Ekas region has bigger waves that break directly into the cliff.

  1. Seger Beach

This beach is the closest destination you can reach after arriving in Kuta Lombok. As the name implies, surfing in this place is usually just for fun. However, stay alert there are strong currents during the dry season despite the favorable weather. In addition to surfing, the beach is no less beautiful with white sand stretching decorated with coconut trees. The exotic scenery is guaranteed to make your photos more Instagramable.

  1. Gili Air

Well, this beach is sure you have often heard. Gili Air is famous for being in a remote location so there hasn’t been much explored by surfers. Therefore, you can get peace of surfing so few tourists come here.

The type of waves on Gili Air is reef break. The beach called Are Guling is a great place for sunbathing or taking pictures for those of you who don’t like surfing. There aren’t many tourists you will meet here, so that’s a plus point for this place.

Besides surfing, on Gili Air you can also dive or snorkel. There is also the Gili Air Night Market, where you enjoy Indonesian specialties and music. There are also various snacks and noodles. However, don’t expect it to be too crowded because everything on Gili Air is more quiet and relaxed.